Space Engineers – Update 01.018.023 Detailed

Keen Software has released a new update for Space Engineers. According to the press release, with this update players can now create custom colors for blocks, change the gravity generator’s range settings and rename most of the objects that are available on the Control Panel (gyroscope, refinery, etc.).

In addition, the ship systems are now synchronized in multiplayer and there is a new construction deck (magnetic deck) added on the platform when starting a new game (world).

Here is a list with all the new features and fixes that have been implemented with this update:

– create custom colors for blocks (default by P key, SHIFT+P is color picker)
– configurable range of gravity generator
– multiplayer synchronization of ship systems – Lights, spotlight, motors, landing gears and the other functional blocks that can be used on ships are now synchronized
– rename most of the objects that are available on the Control Panel (gyroscope, refinery, etc.)
– added a construction deck (magnetic deck) on the platform when starting a new game (world)
– added a second (back) entrance to small ship cockpit
– renamed thrusts to thrusters
– renamed reflector light to spotlight
– added passage block (replaces the ladder block)

– minor performance optimizations
– fixed slowdown on some systems caused by timer frequency
– fixed explosion lags
– fixed explosion particle effect
– fixed projectile damage dealt to heavy armor (now it’s more durable)
– fixed physical shape of drill
– fixed missiles ghosting through ship which launched it
– fixed mirroring of some blocks
– reduced memory usage when building blocks
– fixed issue when using CTRL+X on object which is controlled by another player
– fixed crash when copy/pasting station

Space Engineers - Custom colors, Gravity generator range settings, Construction deck


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