Solarix – First-person Psychological Survival-horror Game – Kickstarter Campaign Launched

Pulsetense Games has informed us about the launch of its Kickstarter campaign for Solarix. Solarix is a ‘psychological survival horror’ game featuring massively detailed open-ended levels encompassing both survival and stealth-gameplay styles.

Our goal is to take the survival horror genre beyond simple staged ‘jumpscares’ and cheap thrills. With Solarix we will create a world that fills you with unease, insecurity and desperation.

The game will be powered by the Unreal Engine and has some pretty interesting stretch goals. If the team manages to raise £30K, it will add some RPG elements similar to those of System Shock. If it raises £50K, it will release it on Xbox consoles too. If it raises £60K, it will implement native Oculus Rift support and if it hits £80K, it will release full SDK and modding tools.

The main story of Solarix will last around 6-8 hours, and there won’t be any pre-release demo.