Sniper Elite 4 will support DirectX 12 on the PC

Rebellion has just announced that the PC version of Sniper Elite 4 will support Microsoft’s latest API, DirectX 12. According to the team, DX12 can take things even further for Rebellion’s fans who want the best sniper experience in the world.

Do note that Sniper Elite 4 will not be exclusive to DX12. The game will support both DirectX 11 and DirectX 12, so those that do not own a DX12 GPU will be able to enjoy it too.

Rebellion did not reveal the differences between DX12 and DX11. Our guess is that DX12 will offer better performance, assuming of course the game does a better job at implementing DX12 than all the other titles thatĀ support both of these APIs.

Sniper Elite 4 releases on February 14th!