Skyrim Online Mod Released

This is awesome, this is really awesome. Modder AwpSoLeet developed a mod which let’s you play Bethesda’s RPG… online. Yeap, you read that right. Skyrim Online is real and although it has a few bugs, it really works. So yeah, players can play with their friends, chat with people worldwide, and trade with other players. This is simply mind-blowing and – perhaps – shows the future of The Elder Scrolls series. This is why we love modders guys, because they can offer us things that the companies hadn’t even bothered. We really hope that AwpSoLeet will keep developing it as it needs a lot of polish right now. So here is hoping that Bethesda want send him any C&D letter. Download link, instructions and video right after the jump!
Download Link:
Installation :

0) Back up your config files, this mod will rewrite them !!!
1) Unrar the file in your Skyrim root folder.
2) Create a shortcut for SkyrimOnline.exe on your desktop

Usage :

– Start SkyrimOnline.exe, it will automatically update the mod and then allow you to start the game with the mod.
– When you enter the game, you will be prompted for a username, enter whatever username you feel like using there is no authentication yet.
– To switch between UI mode and Game mode press F3.

Known bugs :

– In UI mode some keys are sill enabled such as Journal and Wait, you might want to bind these keys to keys that are not needed in the UI (I personally use £ and µ).
– Other player’s movements are very awkward and animations are not played yet.

The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim Online Mod - EARLY STAGE