Skyrim – How To Revert Back To v1.1, Creation Kit Coming In January, Steam Workshop To Be Integrated

We know that a lot of gamers want to revert back to the 1.1 version of Skyrim, even though there is already an unofficial workaround for the broken magic resistance bug. So, bellow you will find instructions in how to go back to the game’s previous version. In addition, Bethesda sent us word that the highly anticipated Creation Kit will be released this January and that they haveve been working closely with Valve to integrate Steam Workshop into the Creation Kit.
In order to revert back to the 1.1 version of Skyrim, PC gamers will have to download these important, non-patched files. After that, go ahead and delete the Skyrim.ini and Skyrimprefs.ini files in my /user/Documents/My Games/Skyrim/ folder, remove all the modded textures and ESMs (in order to avoid any incompatibility issues), reinstalled/redownloaded the game through Steam, and restart Steam in offline mode. We’d urge to also reinstall Skyrim via Steam but that’s something optional, so feel free to skip it.
Now copy the two ESM files into the /Data folder and the TESV.exe file into the /skyrim folder. As always, we highly recommend running Skyrim with the skyrim4gb.exe from the Skyrim4GB Mod (especially if you are encountering crashes to desktop).
And there you have it, you can now enjoy Skyrim in its previous, 1.1 version. Be warned though that you’ll have to run the game in offline mode.