The Elder Scrolls V:Skyrim – Acceleration Layer offers CPU optimization; up to 40% performance boost

God, I love modders. I’m pretty sure that everyone has noticed slowdowns when entering Skyrim’s cities and where there are a lot of NPC’s. Have you ever wondered what was the culprit and caused that performance hit? Apparently, it was due to un-optimization as modder Arisu released a mod – that is currently compatible only with the 1.3.10 version of Skyrim – that offers up to 40% performance boost on both high-end and low-end machines. And get this right; it really does work. So yeah, this is a must-have mod for every Skyrim player.
As the modder described:
“This patch will improve your frame rate by up to 40% in all CPU-dependent situations, i.e. especially in cities.It works mostly by rewriting some x87 FPU code and inlining a whole ton of useless getter functions along the critical paths because the developers at Bethesda, for some reason, compiled the game without using any of the optimization flags for release builds.”
Those interested can download the mod from here. You’ll also need ianpatt’s SKSE for Skyrim. To use SKSE, just download it and place it in your main Skyrim folder, then run Skyrim using “skse_loader” which is included with SKSE. The plugin goes in Skyrim\Data\SKSE\plugins
Enjoy everyone and let’s hope that Bethesda will learn something from these modders. Great works guys!