Shenmue Gets HD Fan-Made Project, May Never See The Light Of Day

Korean fan ‘NoconKid’ is currently working on a fan-made HD project for Shenmue that will most probably never see the light of day. While SEGA has completely abandoned this IP, NoconKid presented two videos showing a recreation of Yokosuka. Though we don’t know what engine is being used, we are pretty sure that SEGA will send NoconKid a C&D letter in 3… 2… 1…

Shenmue HD GAME CENTER You シェンムー HD _ remaster 莎木 HD (FanMade) Shenmu 쉔무 HD 리마스터 게임센터 (팬메이드) remake

シェンムー Shenmue HD_remaster Shenmu 莎木 HD (FanMade) 쉔무 HD 리마스터 (팬메이드) remake