SG Interactive Brings Massively Popular SmileGate Title Crossfire to Europe

SG Interactive announced today that Crossfire Europe, a free online First Person Shooter, will be coming to European gamers very soon, with a Closed Beta Test scheduled to begin on Aug. 31, 2011. Developed by SG Interactive’s parent company SmileGate, Crossfire is one of the most popular online games in the world, setting an impressive record of 2.8 million concurrent users across the world.

In Crossfire Europe, gamers join mercenary teams fighting for dominance in a world overrun by terrorists and dominated by massive corporations. With deeply competitive gameplay fueled by rankings, leaderboards and clans, as well as plenty of diverse maps and modes, Crossfire Europe takes death match action to the next level. Crossfire Europe stands out from the competition with its varied, unique game modes, such as “Ghost Mode,” where one team must silently take down the other armed only with knives and stealth cloaking.

Chris Lee, CEO of SG Interactive said:

“Crossfire’s success in international markets is unprecedented. We’re looking forward to seeing the bullets fly as we bring the game to European players.”
Already popular in the international gaming community, Crossfire’s reputation speaks for itself. SmileGate has brought the game’s highly competitive gameplay to markets across the world, achieving immense popularity since Crossfire’s launch in 2007.
Herald Kwon, CEO of SmileGate added:
“Crossfire continues its relentless march worldwide. If European gamers have any doubt at all about whether or not they should try Crossfire Europe, they should just look to the millions of players worldwide who are already enthusiastic about the game!”
Crossfire - Official Europe Trailer