Senatry is a 2D browser MMO from the makers of Fantasy of Sword

Lekool Games announced the launch of a brand new free web browser MMO game, Senatry. The game is crafted on the genre of real-time strategy and combat and its Closed beta begun on 24th July. Make sure to check a video of it after the jump and you can register and play it at its Official Website.
Senatry is centered on the era of ancient Rome and incorporates the elements of RPG, RTS and city building where players can enjoy a journey through time via the splendid scenes and building constructions to conquer the world and kill your enemies.
Senatry features world-wide expeditions, strategy, tactics and innumerable league and farm wars, fight to gain total control of your area, with your family.  Battles include both NPC and enemy players for PVP. In Senatry, you can destroy the rebels, colonize the lands and other players, and even obtain free Gold using your smart tactics.
Senatry League - Gallic Ranch War June 27, 2011