Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice gets an Enemy and Item Randomizer Mod

Modder ‘thefifthmatt’ has released a cool randomizer for Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. As its title suggests, this mod randomizes enemies (including bosses and minibosses) and items (including key items and skills).

Since this randomizer brings a number of gameplay tweaks and changes, the modder has shared some additional details. For instance, there is a hint/spoiler log that is generated and put in the ‘runs’ folder. Players should check it out if they want to check enemy placements. Moreover, this mod disables/removes tutorials pop-ups.

Moreover, Sword Saint Isshin doesn’t require Mortal Blade to deathblow anymore. If you get really stuck on a randomized enemy, you can rerun the seed with enemy rando turned off (use the big checkbox), defeat the enemy, then turn it back on again. This won’t change the location of key items, but if item rando uses enemy placement data, some non-key item drops may become inaccessible.

It’s also worth remembering that additional enemies spawn in Guardian Ape’s Burrow after defeating Guardian Ape. Fujioka will also sell Valley Apparitions Memo when the final enemy spawns. Divine Dragon’s Tears and Aromatic Branch have no effect in the game via this mod. Therefore, you can complete the game and enter Fountainhead Palace, respectively, without them.

Last but not least, the modder plans to expand this mod and add some new features in future versions.

Needless to say that we don’t recommend this mod on your first playthrough. As said, this mod brings a number of gameplay changes so stick to the vanilla version if it’s your first time playing it. All others can download this randomizer mod from here. You can also find an installation guide on NexusMods.

Have fun!