Sekiro Mod Engine has been released, allows gamers to replace textures, 3D models and more

Modder ‘Katalash’ has released the first mod for FromSoftware’s latest third-person action adventure title, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Sekiro Mod Engine is a file replacement injection library that allows you to modify weapons, armors, parameters and textures.

What this basically means is that by using this injection library, modders will be able to replace any of the in-game models they want, release highly detailed texture packs, modify the attributes of weapons, introduce new enemies and armours and more.

Do note that Mod Engine only supports the Steam version 1.02 for Sekiro and does not work with any older version or any pirated/cracked copy. Furthermore, Mod engine only supports file based mods, and mods that require dll injection are currently not supported.

According to the modder, file overrides allow you to play any file-based mod without extracting the game archives or patching the exe, and Mod Engine can also skip the logos when starting the game allowing you to get in game faster.

Those interested can download and experiment with the Mod Engine for Sekiro from here. Below you can find a guide for installing it.

  • Copy dinput8.dll and modengine.ini to your Sekiro directory (usually located at C:\Program Files (x86)\steam\steamapps\common\Sekiro for default installations)
  • Extract or copy the files for the mod you are installing to a unique new directory in Sekiro directory. For example, if installing cosmetic mods, you should create a directory called “mods” in Sekiro and copy all the files (parts, msg, map, event, etc) into that directory.
  • Open up modengine.ini and modify the modOverrideDirectory parameter to the folder you installed the mod into (a ‘\’ character is required currently). This defaults to “\mods” but you can change it to something else if you wish.
  • Enjoy your mod. If you want to play a different mod, change the modOverrideDirectory setting to point to a different folder with a different mod. To uninstall, delete or rename dinput8.dll.