Satellite Reign – New patch adds 4-player co-op support

5 Lives Studios has released a new patch for Satellite Reign that adds 4-player co-op support. As the team noted, currently players have access to an experimental build in order to test it (now that most of critical issues have been addressed). The ‘final’ version of this co-op mode will be available later this week.

Satellite Reign is the spiritual successor to Syndicate and in this latest build, players will be greeted with a choice between Singleplayer and Multiplayer.

To play co-op, simply select Multiplayer, and either load up your own existing save as a host, or join someone else as a client.

As 5 Lives Studios claimed regarding some of the game’s co-op issues:

“We were having issues for some time with random disconnections, as well as an issue where clients would suddenly see everything stop (e.g. agents not responding, enemies and civs standing still), but everything is fine for the host. We’re fairly confident we’ve solved this issue, but if anyone experiences this, please let us know! It haunted our dreams for so long, we’re almost finding it difficult to believe that it’s fixed!

We’re also aware that you may not be able to see games hosted in other regions. We’re using the Unity networking system, which uses their own relay servers, located around the world. Currently, games hosted in other regions don’t seem to be showing up in the server browser—however games hosted by overseas Steam friends should be visible if you change the filtering to “Friends.” We’ve contacted Unity about possible solutions. “