Saints Row: The Third – New Update Released

Volition has released a new update for their action and chaotic third person sandbox shooter game, Saints Row: The Third. This new update will be auto-downloaded next time you start the Steam client and comes with some specific Eyefinity correction and fixes, general sound optimizations and other, various fixes. Unfortunately, the release notes do not include any fix about the awful SLI scaling in DX9. Here is hoping now that Nvidia will fix it. You can view the entire changelog after the jump.
Saints Row: The Third Update Changelog:
– Fixed a situation where the game can sometimes crash when re-entering the Mixtape Menu after adding ALL songs to Mixtape playlist then backing out of the menu.
– Fixed the player being unable to select the Kobra with the mouse in the “Pistols” selection of their Weapon Cache.
– Fixed a situation where if a player purchases every piece of clothing, the Wardrobe menu may become unresponsive or some clothing items may vanish.
– Fixed an issue where the RC Gun Self-Destruct button can become unresponsive if a user binds the “Grenade Toss” action to the non-default key.
– Fixed a situation where if a player maps a QuickTime Event button to Mouse 4 or Mouse 5, the QTE may not show the correct button.
– Fixed a situation where the “Activate Cheat?” prompt can sometimes fail to warn a user that their auto-save will be disabled when cheats are activated.
– Fixed a freeze where if a player is using a controller, and attempts to get back into thegame by pressing the “Start” button while in the control schemes menu.
– Added multiple voice chat optimizations during online and LAN play.
– General sound optimizations.

Eyefinity Specific
– Fixed a situation where if a player is at Saints HQ and zooms in with sniper rifle, graphical corruption can occur when moving the camera.
– Corrected issues related to UI items being cutoff at 3840×1024 resolution.
Co-Op Specific
– Added a correction for the “Partners in Crime” achievement not properly tracking all user progress in co-op.
– Centered the “UP” button during “Tiger Escort”, when a client’s computer is asked to “scratch the tiger”.