RX Vega Dual-GPU Liquid Cooled at 600W

AMD had their benchmarks for the new RX Vega 56 leaked last week and now there is news of a dual-GPU surfacing to the market and it surely is a force to be reckoned with.
The source of the rumour comes from WCCFTech which has said that ASUS is currently within the process of designing a new dual-GPU video card. This card would feature 2 x Vega 10 GPU’s and over 50 TFLOPs of compute performance, 25 TFLOPs of FP32 performance and be clocked at an average of 600W of power.

This video card would be an absolute beast if it came to the market, using liquid cooling for the dual-GPU allows for such a performance increase that it smashes all that NVIDIA has to offer. At the end of the day you do get what you pay for so if you want this kind of performance a rough estimation of price would be around the $1500 mark due to the fact that the Vega 64 is $499 and the liquid cooled version is $599.

WCCFTech also said that AMD has given it’s AIB partners a green light for whatever their imagination desires to customize the Vega 10 GPUs, Vega 10 XT (64 compute chip) and Vega 10 XL (56 compute unit chip). So soon we should no doubt start hearing what more and more AIB companies are going to do with these new chips.

Source: WCCFTech , Tweak Town