Rumour – AMD Radeon Pro Duo Benchmarks Leaked

Rumour alert everyone. It appears that the first benchmarks for AMD’s dual Fiji card, the AMD Radeon Pro Duo, have been leaked online. As the NDA for the AMD Radeon Pro Duo has not been lifted yet, we’ve marked this story as a rumour, so take everything you are about to read with a grain of salt.

According to the leaked benchmarks, the AMD Radeon Pro Duo is almost 40% faster than an NVIDIA GTX980Ti at 1080p. At 4K, this dual card is around 55% faster than NVIDIA’s top high-end GPU.

As said, this is a dual card, meaning that you will need Crossfire profiles for your games in order to take full advantage of it. And right now, things are not looking really hot for multi-GPU setups.

Enjoy the benchmarks, courtesy of Expreview!