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Rumor: Inside the world of Elden Ring; dynamic weather, upgraded engine and more

A Resetara user have made a long post regarding the upcoming FromSoftware title Elden Ring. Apparently the user have made similar posts in the past, including information about Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice which turned out to be true. In his post he talks mainly about the open-world of Elden Ring and how different is from any other open-world title.

According to the user the game will feature dynamic weather and time of day cycle, unlike all the previous FromSoftware games. Enemies will have dynamic placement instead of a fixed placement like we are used too. There will be roaming mobs and bosses as well.

The game is running on an upgraded engine and it is not based on Norse nor Celtic mythology. The landscapes are inspired by Scotland. The open-world structure resembles Shadow of the Colossus and not the typical triple-A open-world games. Of course that doesn’t mean the game world will be empty as it is in Shadow of the Colossus.

As always this is just a rumor and none of these are officially confirmed yet. We will make sure to let you know about any further developments.

You can read the long post here.

There is still no official release date yet for Elden Ring.

Thanks GamingBolt.

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