Rumor: Flying Wild Hog’s Exclusive PC FPS Could Be Chaser 2

Although there is little known about Flying Wild Hog’s exclusive PC FPS title, there are hints that this ‘Untitled’ game could be a sequel to Cauldron HQ’s FPS sci-fi game, Chaser. This is mere speculation so take everything you’ll read with a grain of salt.
According to various sources, a number of Flying Wild Hog’s developers that are working on the project helped Cauldron HQ when they were developing Chaser. Moreover, the tech that is powering the game is rumored to be a heavily updated CloakNT engine which is basically the engine used to power the original Chaser game on the PC.
Now as we said and before, this is mere speculation. Flying Wild Hog promised to reveal officially the game in the next couple of weeks. Let’s all hope that it will actually be Chaser 2!