Retro Racing Is Now Available On PC & Mac

Retro Racing
Mr Qwak has informed us about its latest indie title called Retro Racing. Retro Racing is a racing game that is inspired by the old top-down racers of the 80s. In all truthfulness, this game reminds me of F1 Dream, an F1 game that was created by Capcom in 1988. Which is fine by me as I loved F1 Dream. Mr Qwak has also released a trailer for it that can be viewed below.
Retro Racing features 18 tracks, 6 cars each with different performance characteristics, an adrenaline pumping audio track by Bjorn Lynne, two-player split-screen head-to-head mode and silky smooth 60 FPS action.
Those interested can purchase this indie title from here. There is also a demo to download and try before purchasing.