Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City PC Leaked Two Weeks Before Release

Man, I really feel sorry for Capcom. Yesterday, the PC version of their amazing mashup between Tekken and Street Fighter got leaked but that shouldn’t be an issue as SFxT is slated for release in a couple of days. Not only that, but SFxT is all about the online fights and naturally, those with pirated versions cannot enjoy them. Which is a good thing mind you. What really surprised us today though was the fact that another Capcom title got leaked before hitting stores. Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City PC has been leaked to various torrent sites, two weeks before release, and is fully playable.
That’s a big slap in Capcom’s face as there is a number of Resident Evil fans that wanted to enjoy this title in its SP mode. And that’s precisely why Capcom should abandon GFWL and stick with Steamworks. Steamworks is the only protection system that is currently ‘unbreakable’ prior release, meaning that even a game gets leaked to torrents before release, it won’t be playable. This has happened to a number of Steamworks titles and none of them could be played before they got officially released. GFWL, on the other hand, is full of security holes. Not only that, but Microsoft’s service┬áhas already pissed a lot of PC gamers.
Here is hoping that Capcom won’t suffer – financially – from this leak.
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