Resident Evil 2 feature

Resident Evil 2 Source mod is now available, brings Resident Evil 2’s environments to the Source Engine

Modder ‘Blood_Wraith’ has released the first version of his Resident Evil 2 Source mod for Half Life 2. As the title suggests, this mod brings the environments from Capcom’s classic horror game in Half Life 2, allowing players to explore, solve, and fight their way through Raccoon City and it’s police department.

Resident Evil 2 Source mod is basically a mix of Resident Evil 2 and Half Life 2. While the game has recreations of Resident Evil 2’s environments, it keeps the first-person perspective, the enemies and weapons from Half Life 2. The end result is kind of cool and before someone says it, no; it cannot come close to the quality of the upcoming official Resident Evil 2 Remake.

Still, it’s a pretty cool mod that we believe fans of the series will enjoy. Since this is the first release, though, expect some placeholders and bugs. The 3D model and animations for crocodile for example are a bit awful. We expect some of the bugs to be resolved in future versions.

Those interested can download the first version of Resident Evil 2: Source from here. And similarly to other Half Life 2 mods, this one is standalone (meaning you will only need Steam and Source SDK Base 2013 Singleplayer in order to play it and not a copy of Half Life 2).

Have fun everyone!

Crocodile? [RESIDENT EVIL 2 SOURCE MOD v12.5]