Resident Evil 1.5 Unofficial Fan Restoration Project – WIP Build Released

Resident Evil 2
Resident Evil fans, get ready for a treat. Remember Resident Evil 1.5? Well, time to get a taste of it as the team that is currently restoring it has released a WIP build that can be downloaded straight away. This is like a dream coming true, so waste no time; go ahead and enjoy it. We should note though that this build is unstable so you might encounter some issues.
According to the team behind this project, the WIP build is a bit of an unstable mess. The instability mainly comes from a tiny experiment the team was running on this very build and the build itself had the joke name “Magic Zombie Door”.
It’s an old build and in no way representative of the current state of missing room implementation, restoration of broken elements, or addition of new content.” the team stated and continued:
Many of the features you see in the build, as explained in our making of videos, comes from injecting pieces of C code that adds features and functionality that was broken, missing, or otherwise needed. There’s a terrible bug we internally called “Air Jesus” present in this build, a legacy issue from the vanilla build, where inspecting objects will often cause … undesirable results. This bug has since been fixed, but is currently present in this build. While, technically, the load feature works, the save feature’s brokenness makes it pretty useless. These are also features that’re fixed and will be working in the final release. There are also many stability issues that causes the game to crash or otherwise misbehave, most of these have since been fixed too. So unless there’s a very Konami Code-esque approach to how you trigger a randomized and reproducable bug, please don’t lose your breath attempting to report bugs to us.”
You can download this WIP build of Resident Evil 1.5 from here Make also sure to visit The-Horror forum where the development team has been posting news about this project. You will need a PSX emulator, so be sure to download ePSXe.
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