Report: Team Meat is NOT working on Super Meat Boy 2; Super Meat Boy WILL eventually come to PS3

Word had it that Team Meat was working on Super Meat Boy 2 and that the game would not be coming to PS3. Well, we have some good fans for PS3 players and some bad news for pretty much everyone else. According to Team Meat, there is no Super Meat Boy 2 and they are not working on it. In addition, Super Meat Boy will eventually come to Sony’s console, although there is no ETA as of yet.
As the team tweeted a couple of days ago:
“So a new site seemed to have posted that we are working on SMB2 and we wont dev for Ps3… both of these things are totally untrue.”
Team Meat has also tweeted a special thanks message to the fans who tried to inform the misinformed and re-stated that there will never be a Super Meat Boy 2, and that the first game will eventually come to the PS3.
So there you have it guys. No Super Meat Boy 2 for you!
After contacting Team Meat, it appears that the team will eventually develop for PS3 but Super Meat Boy won’t be coming to PS3 anytime soon. There is always hope but Team Meat does not have any plans as of yet.