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Report: Latest PC Trailer From Watch_Dogs Is Actually From The PS4 Build

A couple of hours ago, we shared with you a new trailer from Watch Dogs that was supposedly from the PC version. When we first took a look at it, we were kind of puzzled with its visuals. While it was great finally witnessing the PC version up and running, POM was absent, visuals looked washed out, and most of the scenes reminded us the PS4 trailer that was released a while back. Well, it seems that this PC trailer was actually packed with PS4 footage.

NeoGAF’s member ‘OtaQ‘ (who was present in a previous video Q&A talk with Ubisoft) claimed that what was featured in this latest trailer was actually from the PS4 version.

First of all, the gameplay IS NOT PC, it is PS4. This is no rumor or my opinion, I absolutely know it for sure” said OtaQ and continued:

“You can absolutely trust me about it. Since I´m the game journalist they talk about in WatchDogs Q&A

Now we wouldn’t be sharing something like that if it wasn’t an email we got from PCGamesHardware a couple of hours ago. According to the German website, the current video will be taken down in order to edit some things that weren’t okay for Ubisoft due to a communication fail.

We’ve contacted PCGamesHardware and will update this story as soon as we hear back from them.


PCGamesHardware has confirmed that what was shown was from the PS4 DevKit and not from the PC version. Naturally that’s not PCGH’s fault as Ubisoft initially claimed that the video was from the PC version.

“This video doesn’t make us happy. We all know that it crucial to know where the footage originates from. So we check with Ubisoft and got the info that this PC footage. But it isn’t”.