Red Faction Evolution could be a brand new entry in the third-person action-heavy series

It appears that a new Red Faction game, called Red Faction Evolution, could be under development. According to reports, the official Nvidia Ansel website, Red Faction Evolution is one of the games that support NVIDIA’s tech. However, and as you most likely know, Red Faction Evolution is a game that has not been announced yet.

Earlier this month, THQ Nordic stated that it has 48 unannounced titles that are under development. As such, and given this leak, Red Faction Evolution could be one of them.

THQ Nordic has not confirmed (nor denied) the rumours for this new Red Faction game yet. An E3 2019 announcement sounds likely, though we are not 100% certain whether the publisher will make such a reveal in the coming days.

Point is that Red Faction could make a return so here is hoping that if such a game is under development, it will be full of havoc, destruction and chaos like its predecessors. Seriously, we need more games like Red Faction in which you can destroy almost every building in cool and imaginative ways (especially after how disappointing Just Cause 4 turned out to be).

Stay tuned for more!

Thanks PCGamer