RAGE – John Carmack promises that the next patch will alleviate the blurry textures in Rage PC

Great news for PC gamers as the man himself has stated a few minutes ago that the upcoming patch of RAGE will resolve all texture bluriness. As John Carmack tweeted, the new update for RAGE will include a bicubic-upsample plus a detail texture option that will eventually help alleviate the blurry textures in Rage.
Now that’s great as gamers could only tweak VSync, Texture Cache and Anisotropic Filter. Moreover, this upcoming patch promises bring back all console commands that were locked with the RAGE’s first patch.
All sounds great, right? But what about the rumored Texture Pack –  150GB in size – that would be released after the game’s release? Unfortunately, we don’t have any news about that and to be honest, it seems unlikely that it will ever see the light of day.
RAGE has met a commercial success and have been in the first place of both the retail and digital PC charts these past weeks.
If you haven’t upgraded to the game’s latest version yet, be sure to use our custom config file to get rid of all texture pop-in.