Quake Champions June update is now available, adds AI bots and new Gore System

Bethesda and id Software have announced the release of a brand new update for Quake Champions. This new patch adds AI bots, a new Gore System, Free Champion Rotation, comes with tons of Champion & weapon balance changes, and even more performance polish.

In addition, this patch adds a beta version of id Software’s new 3D Positional Sound, brand new Tri-Bolt functionality, updates the tutorial, adds Quick Play Multi-Mode playlists, fixes a Matchmaking issue where a user could get stuck when loading into the game and fixes a Windows 7 Memory leak for user who played many consecutive matches.

Steam will download the June patch for Quake Champions the next time you launch its client, and below you can find a part of its changelog (you can read its full release notes here).

Quake Champions June 2018 Update Release Notes

Added AI Opponents – “Bots Phase 1 ”

  • Used in Training
  • Fill in slots in Match Making during long queue times
  • Fill in for players that leave matches, until a human can Join-In-Progress
  •  Bot Phase 1 focuses on movement, weapons, and standard game modes. Stay tuned for further information on Phase 2!

Added Gore System – “Gibs”

  • Unique death animation sequences now occur based on the weapons used during frags

Added Free Champion Rotation

  • Grants Free-to-Play players free access to one Champion on a weekly rotation

Balance Changes (quite significant) across Champions health/armor, movement, and Weapons including new Tri-bolt functionality (details below)

New Tri-Bolt Functionality

  • Explosive bolts are now armed upon firing the weapon, not when the bolts make contact with their target, resulting in bolts now being able to explode mid-air creating an array of explosions around your enemy

New Vanity Weapon: Reconciler

  • A strange, alien weapon of unknown origins. Its elegant design is a stark contrast to the destruction it brings

Updated Tutorial

  • Bot Match Training
  • Starting Challenges

Continuous Play Flow Updated

  • After you have completed your Starting Challenges, we now auto-queue you after completing a match and create a lobby that you can choose to return to during the matchmaking process.

Added Quick Play Multi-Mode Playlists

  • Solo & Team Playlists, vote for the mode within the Match Lobby.
  • Voting now has 3 options: 2 selected game mode & match combinations, and one random option
  •  This change was made to further reduce matchmaking times and to improve skill matching conditions

User Experience

  • Added Killer Cam – outline killer on Death Screen
  • Added HP/AP of killer on Death Screen (for Unranked modes)
  • Added Teammate Health & Armor Bars
  • Added Active Ability HUD text for first and second stage abilities
  • Added Disable Private Chat option in Game Settings
  • Visual highlight for all pickups

Added 3D Positional Sound “[BETA] Stereo Headphones with HRTF” option in Audio Settings

  • Must toggle while in the main menu, cannot while in match


  • XP Curves have been updated to make leveling significantly easier
  • XP boosters. These are known in-game as Haste Potions and give +50% XP bonus.
  • Champions can now be purchased for Favor.
  • All loot boxes have been updated (Backpacks, Chests, Reliquaries) and now use a new loot box drop system that gives developers more flexibility and has additional features such as reduced drop rates of Duplicates.
  • Chests can now be purchased with Shards
  • Armor and Weapon Skins can no longer be crafted with Shards
  • Added XP/Favor boost for playing with PARTY


  • New Tri-bolt skin: Reconciler
  • Additional Profile Icons
  • Additional Nameplates
  • Updated Peacemaker Rocket Launcher, red display screen has been added to the side of the gun
  • Added support for Store & Welcome Screens Dynamic Image Loading
  • The Spring Celebration has ended therefore all Spring Celebration content will no longer appear in backpacks, chests or reliquaries
  • The Spring Celebration Vanity Bundle has been removed



  • Fixed an issue where the Disruptor Plasma projectiles would appear translucent from long distances
  • Fixed issues where Direct hits with weapons and ability projectiles registered but did no damage


  • Fixed an issue on Church map where Twisting Corridor Feet clip into the floor of the upper zone
  • Fixed an issue in Lockbox where Peeker was able to see out of the map and fire through walls in the Caverns area
  • Fixed various spots in multiple maps where Players could shoot through some solid surfaces


  • June balance updates (See Champion Balance Changes Below)
  • Fixed an issue where Clutch could be hit through his shield using a Lightning Gun while he was falling
  • Updated Anarki’s Injection mechanics
  • Updated Galena’s totem mechanics
  • Fixed an issue for the Unholy Totem where the Light ring visual effect would not go away until all teammates had healed with them
  • Updated Hovertank medal objective to 125hp
  • Fixed various issues where champion armor would display with distorted textures.


  • Various misc. crash issues fixed
  • Various Networking fixes
  • Various Performance fixes
  • Fixed a crash when player Alt Tabs using AMD Eyefinity
  • Fixed an issue for Custom Match where Spectators became stuck on loading screen if all players left the match
  • Fixed an issue during warmup which caused prolonged or infinite warmup if a player left


  • Fixed an issue where customization Sell price button was not functional on owned armor sets, pieces, and weapons


  • Updated some unachievable Rune challenges
  • Various localization updates
  • Fixed an issue for Instagib Post-Game where users didn’t have any visible data on the statistics tab
  • Fixed numerous UI issues
  • Fixed an issue where the Player was unable to swap the Leaderboards Game Type from Duel to Team Deathmatch


  • Fixed an issue where the Match may not end if a user crashes or force closes at the pre-match lobby podium
  • Fixed a Matchmaking issue where a user could get stuck when loading into the game


  • Fixed an issue where a ranked User would not receive animated Win/Loss screen after each placement match

Loot Boxes/ Store

  • Fixed an issue where Players could get Mastery Runes from loot boxes
  • Fixed an issue where Users did not receive shards when opening a duplicate Strogg out of Loot Boxes
  • Fixed issue resulting loot box drop irregularities
  • Fixed an issue where the Anarki Bone Daddy Bundle didn’t not unlock all appropriate attachments


  • Fixed issue where changing certain graphical settings would cause weapon vfx to disappear.
  • Fixed an issue where Weapon decals appeared warped


  • Fixed an issue where the Player might experience random movement and weapon swaps without input from the player
  • Fixed an issue where The Bethesda Launcher crashed when reaching 100% when preparing to download update.
  • Fixed an issue where players were unable to skip past the Respawn timer
  • Fixed an issue for Voice Chat where Players were unable to hear other teammates’ voices.
  • Fixed an issue where users only had the starting weapons during the match warm-up.
  • Fixed an issue where the Daily Challenge: “Deal Damage” didn’t track damage properly
  • Fixed an issue where the Strogg Champion Medals would not properly update
  • Fixed Windows 7 Scaling issue where the game didn’t fit the display area in Windowed mode while at the monitor’s native resolution
  • Fixed a Windows 7 Memory leak for user who played many consecutive matches