Quake Champions is not powered by id Tech 6

When Quake Champions was announced, everyone assumed that this new arena shooter would be powered by id Software’s latest engine, the id Tech 6. Well, it appears that won’t be the case. According to Marty Stratton, game director on Doom, Quake Champions will be powered by a id Tech/Saber hybrid engine.

As Marty told Finder:

“We had such success with Vulkan and Doom that Robert Duffy, our chief technology officer, was like, “alright guys, this worked out well for us. So we need to do it [with Quake].” But we still have to look at it, because Quake Champions’ technology is part id tech, but also part Saber tech. It is not on Id Tech 6 [game engine]. If it was, it would be all good with Vulkan and we would be happy.”

Quake Champions will be coming to the PC in 2017, it may support Vulkan and it definitely won’t push the graphical boundaries of PC games.

As the game’s creative-director Tim Willits told Finder, id Software aims to create a game that runs fast on a variety of PC systems.

“Because we had such success with pairing Vulkan and Doom, it is definitely something we are looking at, but I can’t confirm it at this point. Hopefully you will not have to upgrade your machine too much, but we’re all about speed with Quake Champions. We want to run at 120Hz and we want to run fast. If you go and get the new GTX 1080 [graphics card] it sure looks fast. That is what we have been using to test Quake Champions and I’ve been like, “damn, these cards are fast!” But we do want to have that big base of people [playing], so we cannot make it ridiculously overpowered.”