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Quake 2 is now available for free until August 15th

As promised, Bethesda is giving away the second part of the Quake series, Quake 2, for free for a limited time. From today and until August 15th, PC gamers can log into the Bethesda launcher and acquire their free copy.

As said, RTX owners can use this full version of Quake 2 in order to unlock Quake 2 RTX. As such, they’ll be able to enjoy its newly full path/ray tracing effects. And, as we’ve already reported, Quake 2 RTX looks absolutely stunning. There are also some other mods for Quake 2, however, nothing can come close – at least for now – to Quake 2 RTX.

Quake 2 originally came out on the PC in 1997. While id Software’s title supported a software mode, it was one of the few that benefited from 3D-accelerated graphics cards. In its hardware mode, the game featured some exclusive graphical effects, and ran significantly faster.

Bethesda will be also giving away Quake 3: Arena for free on August 17th. Quake 3 was a multiplayer-focused game that came out on the PC in 1999.

Have fun everyone!