Prototype 2 PC is now available for pre-order on Steam, comes with a free copy of Prototype

Although Radical Entertainment is no more, Prototype 2 PC will see the light of day and we are happy to report today that the game is available for pre-purchase on Steam. Those of you who decide to pre-order it will receive the RADNET DLC – which includes new missions, events and powers for Prototype 2 – and a copy of Prototype to play now for free. Pretty nice deal, right? Prototype 2 PC is scheduled for a July 26th release. Enjoy!
Prototype 2 is set 14-months after the events of the original game, and follows all-new protagonist – Sgt. James Heller – as he sets out to exact revenge against the man he holds responsible for the loss of his loved ones and the world as he once knew it – Alex Mercer.
Prototype 2 - Live Action Trailer