Project CARS 3 to be officially announced soon, is 200% better than pCars 2, is “game changer”

Slightly Mad Studios CEO Ian Bell has shared some new interesting details about the next part in the Project CARS series. According to Bell, the game will be officially announced soon, and it’s going to be a “revolution” and a “game changer”.

Ian Bell then later claimed that Project CARS 3 is way better than its predecessor, he claimed it was 200% better but that is just a vague percentage number and nothing more, and that he could not stop playing it.

Austin Ogonoski, driver of the Slightly Mad Studios Chevrolet SS for Lengert Motorsports, also claimed that pCars 3 is hugely improved compared to pCars 2.

The game will also feature realistic physics, is very much a sim racing game, and the team’s focus has been on ‘fun’ all around that ‘sim’ aspect.

Last but not least, Bell claimed that the official announcement will be coming soon, though this is up to the game’s publisher. My guess is that the game will be officially announced at Gamescom 2019.