Project CARS 2 GamesCom screenshot

Project CARS 2 does not use Denuvo as it’s too “restrictive” and would “annoy” its users

Slightly Mad Studios’ Ian Bell has revealed that their new sim racing game, Project CARS 2, will not be using the Denuvo anti-tamper tech. Now this is a pleasant surprise for a triple-A game as most of them are using it.

As Ian Bell told SpotTheOzzie in a really lengthy interview:

“We don’t have Denuvo. We looked at it back in February and we decided that it was too restrictive and would annoy our users, so we dropped it.”

That’s the spirit Slightly Mad Studios. Also kudos to our reader ‘Ritsuka66’ for informing us.

Bandai Namco has already sent us a review code for Project CARS 2 and although its embargo has been lifted, we’ll delay our PC Performance Analysis in order to test the game with its promised Day-1 patch.

Until then, enjoy the following video!

Project Cars 2 - Hockenheim GP - 29 Cars - PC Max Settings - Logitech MOMO Racing