Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 – PC will be the best place to play, will be the highest standard

How things have changed. While last year Konami treated PC soccer fans like third-class citizens, this year the Japanese team aims to – once again – prove that the PC is the best platform for its soccer series, Pro Evolution Soccer.

In a E3 2017 Twitch stream, a Konami representative said that the Steam version of Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 will be the highest standard (or in other words the definitive version).

Konami’s representative acknowledged that the previous PC versions of Pro Evolution Soccer were based on the old-gen console versions, however Konami’s representative claimed that this time PC will be the best place to play its soccer game.

Konami is currently working with NVIDIA in order to optimize its title for the GeForce graphics cards.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 release on September 14th!