Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 – PC version will be, once again, a hybrid between the old-gen and the current-gen versions

And we all saw that coming. Adam Bhatti has confirmed that the PC version of Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 will – once again – be a cross between the old-gen and the current-gen versions. This basically means that most – or at least some – of the features of the current-gen version will be present, however the visuals will not be similar to those found in the current-gen version.

As Adam Bhatti said when asked about the PC version of PES 2017:

And there you have it everyone. Once again, PC gamers can either choose to play this ‘special’ version of PES 2017 or get FIFA 17 (PC version will be the same with the current-gen version).

Adam Bhatti claimed that the PC may get some love next year, though at this point nothing is set in stone.