PrioVR Promises To Be The Next Step In VR Gaming, Kickstarter Launched


YEI Technology has launched a Kickstarter campaign for its VR gaming solution, called PrioVR. YEI Technology aims to change the game by bringing you and your movements into virtual environments where you can see your body move as you move, manipulate items as if they were right in front of you, and interact with the virtual world as naturally as you would with the real world.

As the Kickstarter description reads, the inertial sensing technology used in the PrioVR offers several advantages over optical systems such as the Microsoft Kinect.

“By using an array of high-performance inertial sensors along with a centralized, wearable wireless hub architecture, PrioVR will provide 360 degrees of unfettered low-latency real-time motion capture without the need for cameras, optics, line-of-sight, or special environments. The PrioVR system will capture motion data directly from the body at projected end-to-end latencies that exhibit an 8x or better improvement over optical systems such as the Kinect. The system will be wireless, allow multiple simultaneous users, and will work anywhere – indoors or out. Additionally, the system will exhibit performance characteristics comparable to high-end inertial motion capture systems that cost tens of thousands of dollars, but at a cost that makes VR and motion capture affordable for everyone.”

If everything goes well, PrioVR Pro (developer kit) will cost around $399. YEI Technology aims to raise $225K in the next 36 days.

The whole project sounds wonderful, however there is obviously a big problem with rooms that do not have enough free space. An omnidirectional treadmill could be useful in such places. Back in June, there was a Kickstarter for such an accessory (that was successfully funded) and will cost you around $349 to acquire when it gets out.


PrioVR : Suit up. Game on.