Primal Carnage Gets New DLC – 50% Off On Steam During Weekly Sale

Primal Carnage

Lukewarm Media has launched a wave of new content for Primal Carnage including a new game mode, a new map, and three new Dino Skin packs, paired with a $1 sale on the popular Dino-buster skin. In addition, the company revealed that the game will be 50% off during Steam’s Weekly sale.

Here are the key features of Primal Carnage’s latest DLC:

New Game Mode: Did you ever wonder where all these Dinosaurs keep coming from despite the fact that we keep killing them? Well, we have discovered one of the Dino nesting sites and this month the assault on the nesting grounds begin with “Capture the Egg”. This all-new capture the flag variant where humans must sneak in, steal and return to their base with the precious eggs without having their egos bruised and their necks broken by the Dinosaurs attempting to stop them.  “Capture the Egg” is being released as a free patch, in its Beta state with a new map, “Forgotten Outpost.”  Lukewarm Media will be listening attentively to the feedback of players to help further shape this mode and help design additional maps it can be played on.

New Dino Skins: You can never have enough Dinosaurs and soon we will see three new beasts – Cryolophosaurus, Tupandactylus, Oviraptor – entering battle in the form of “Premium Skin DLC Packs”. All fan favorites and selected for their unique physical attributes, each skin pack comes with two variants for that extra level of choice and variety. These Premium Skin DLC Packs are available today on Steam bundled as two skins on sale for only $2.49.

Furthermore, Lukewarm revealed that it aims to improve all current features of the game and work towards making the game more accessible – and above all fun and rewarding – for players. This means that we’ll see a number of class and functionality changes in the coming weeks and months.

Have fun!