Portal 2 – More than 3 million copies sold

Valve’s puzzle game, Portal 2, has managed to sell over three million copies. That is according to Gabe Newell himself, as Valve’s managing director has said so during his keynote today at the “Games for Change” festival. Additionally, and in an attempt to showcase Portal 2’s value, Newell showed off a video. In this video, a class of 7th graders visited Valve’s office for an educational day of game design instruction.
Newell has also spoke about various social topics. Some of them are: the reasons we might see Portal 2 in classrooms soon, Valve’s successful Japan fundraiser in Team Fortress 2, and the impact of a growing worldwide marketplace for in-game content.
Last but not least, Newell replied to a question regarding the much rumoured and anticipated third episode of Half Life 2. Here is what Newell said when he was asked for the release date of Half Life 2: Episode Three:
“If you know enough to ask the question, you know enough what the answer is.”
Those of you we want to read about the entire speech of Newell should head over to Totilo’s liveblog.