Pokemonium (Free-To-Play Pokemon MMO) Beta 1.4.0 Released – Play Pokemon Online

Pokemon fans, here is a nice surprise for all of you. The team behind a F2P Pokemon MMO project has released a new beta version of it. Pokemonium is an open source Pokemon MMORPG that is based off of the Pokenet server files. Coded in java this project is being developed by -DefaulT and the community of RaGEZONE, and its latest beta version adds some new features and addresses a number of issues.
Those interested can download the free-to-play Pokemon MMO from here.
Here is the changelog of this new version:
[ADD] Ingame pokedex! All previously CAUGHT pokemon will be added when you first login. Starters will have their previous evo’s logged as well.
Pokemon that you once received via TRADE will not be logged on creation of your pokedex (this is still being worked on and should be done before release).
[ADD] Pokemonium Mall
[ADD] All pokeballs (except for gen 4’s Park ball and gen 4’s Dream Ball) have been implemented.
You can buy them in the pokemonium mall
[ADD] Ev’s are fully functional!
[ADD] Add original trainer name on pokemon info
[ADD] Add moves on pokemon info (party-viewer)
[ADD] An autosaver was added to the server saving your progress every 5 minutes. You’ll see ‘Saving…’ followed by ‘Saving succesfull’ or ‘Saving failed’ (obvious succes/fail).
[ADD] The server now records what ball was used to catch a pokemon (all already caught pokemon have been assigned a regular pokeball). For future purpose.
[ADD] Mt. silver + red
[FIX] Movement has been fixed an is way smoother now!
[FIX] The bug known as the ‘struggle bug’ where the use of an item in battle results in struggle, has been fixed!
[FIX] No more (minimal) loading between maps.
[FIX] Client doesn’t crash anymore when giving an item to a pokemon.
[FIX] One can now press ‘Enter’ to log out (confirm the dialogue).
Enjoy the following screenshots!