Planetrism is a new sci-fi role-playing game powered by Unreal Engine 4 that looks gorgeous

Mika Laaksonen and Kimmo Kaunela are currently working on an amazing sci-fi role-playing game where you experience the life of a colonist on an exoplanet light years away from Solar system, called Planetrism. The game is powered by Unreal Engine 4 and below you can find some stunning screenshots.

Planetrism aims to combine personal experience of adventurous colonist life with leadership and management of whole colony. The key to survive in Planetrism is to understand environments, collect data and always be ready for different situations. Dynamic weather will make it hard and challenging to build and run colony and its people.

The game is currently supporting first and third person modes and it also has full VR support for hi-end devices with roomscale movement and different locomotion modes. According to the developers, VR will bring the most immersive experience but their goal is to deliver great experiences for non-VR players too.

Players will be able to customize their character appearance and gender, and there will be different environments to discover and explore and devices to use. The main environment is around 25 square kilometers in size and contains caves and lakes with different biomes and animals. The game will also have vehicles and different types of functional NPC characters and robots.

Enjoy the following screenshots and GIFs, and kudos to our reader Simon for informing us!

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Planetrism – Space Station Gameplay

Planetrism – Cave Gameplay

Planetrism – Exoplanet Gameplay