Planet War Closed Beta Launched

YooGames announced today that it has launched the closed beta for Planet War, an exciting new space MMO.  With no downloads or additional software required, players can hop right into the fun by visiting its official site to register and play in the beta. The closed beta test will be celebrated with multiple events including a special gift event where players will be rewarded with an exclusive VIP code.
Planet War draws inspiration from famous sci-fi novels and their heroes, creating a futuristic strategy game to appeal to the many sci-fi fans of the known galaxy.  To celebrate the launch of the closed beta, players can check out the new trailer and join in the many special events going on.
Players who are present for the unveiling of the Bellona server will be rewarded handsomely.  Players who register to play the game can secure a VIP code which will allow them to receive a 10,000 resource pack, a 5000 coin card, a 100 point voucher, and last but not least 5 building robots in-game.  These rare gifts will allow players to jump into the future world with remarkable speed and mobility!
In Planet War, players build aircraft carriers to navigate the stars and Milky Way to explore and learn of the ancient alien civilizations.
Players can explore the alien technology and build alliances with many alien races to help develop the vast galaxy. Players can build space fleets continuously, explore the unknown star systems with other players and npc’s, and navigate different foreign policies with the purpose of achieving common development and the growth of the Milky Way.