Pirates of New Horizons Is An Interesting 3D Action Adventure, Gets A Kickstarter Campaign

Pirates of New Horizons

Our reader ‘Dakan45’ has informed us about an interesting Action Adventure/3D Jump’n Run title that focuses on looting, pillaging and… throwing cats. Pirates of New Horizons is inspired by Mario, Monkey Island, God of War and Zelda. The team has launched a Kickstarter campaign for it, and aims to raise $10K in the next 20 days.

Players take the role of a young pirate girl Annha, whose destiny has brought her into a life based on a never-ending adventure. Annha is assisted by the flying cat Professor Henceworth, and is equipped with spaced out gadgets such as grappling hooks and jet packs.

Some of the key features of Pirates of New Horizons are exploration, a unique pirate system and procedural levels.

The game is powered by the Unity engine and if its Kickstarter hits is initial goal, it will be released on Android and iOS. Although there is a prototype PC preview version – that can be downloaded from here – the team will focus on such a version only if its Kickstarter campaign hits its $50K stretch goal (something that seems unlikely at this moment).