PC gamers, meet Terrorhedron; a unique 3D tower defense game for the PC

Dan Walters has informed us about Micro Macro Games’ Terrorhedron, a unique 3D tower defense game for the PC featuring 8 player co-op multiplayer, programmable turrets, and 8-bit chiptunes sound track. This game is said to be the first tower defense game to give full 3 axis gameplay, which promises to bring incredible depth and complexity to the pure tower defense genre.
Dan shared with us some information that we had to… ahem… delete. As we said and before, we love indie developers and do not want to put them in any kind of trouble. This small team could be facing a lot of issues, and asked us kindly to take the whole article down. Instead, we decided to edit this post and remove some references that were made about the previous publisher of this game. Yes, we do support indie devs and – like most of you – do not want to see them ruined for such statements. And understand this; it’s completely different from statements that are coming from triple-A studios.
Micro Macro Games haven’t been able to publicize Terrorhedron or release updates because of restrictions by Lace Mamba Digital, meaning that barely anyone knows about their game. Not only that, but they have 200 man hours of unreleased updates that they have developed over the last 9 months.
You can view some trailers below, and you can vote for Terrorhedron on Steam Greenlight.
Terrorhedron is also an IGF hopeful in the 2013 competition.
Terrorhedron Tower Defence Release Trailer [Audio Fixed]

Terrorhedron Gameplay Cast 2

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