PC gamers, meet Crying is not Enough; a new indie third-person action adventure

Crying is not Enough

Storyline Team has informed us about its new upcoming third-person action adventure title, called “Crying is not Enough”. Crying is not Enough is powered by the Unity engine and is coming to PC, MAC and Linux, with the option of further expansion into various consoles.

Here are the key features of the game:

• 9 Episodes + Season Finale
• Beautiful 3D Environment & characters
• 10+ hours of gaming
• Gameplay in two worlds
• Both gun and melee fighting
• Alternative endings
• Professional voice acting. Dean Wendt will be Jacob’s voice, best known as the voice of Barney on the “Barney & Friends” show.
• Karma System. The player’s choises affect the character’s karma. Enemy reactions are affected by the karma level of the main character, Jacob.
• Various playable Flash backs and Flash Forwards, where the player is called upon to manage other key characters apart from the main character.
• Level Up System.
• Many puzzles out of which some are harder to sort out depending on the Karma Level.
• Weapon Crafting System
• Complete UI, Minimap, Compass and Objective indicator
• Competent A.I

Pretty nice list, right? The game is currently on Steam Greenlight and those interested can vote for it by visiting its page. Storyline Team has also released a number of videos, so make sure to give them a go.

As the team described, Crying is not Enough represents ‘the first part of the Project Chromopolis series, which is unfolding in a period of 100 years and splits in 3 different seasons that connect with each other with various Flash Backs & Flash Forwards.’

Crying is not Enough certainly sounds ambitious. Question now is whether the game will be able to live up to its astounding key features.