PC gamers, meet Coloropus; an underwater textless adventure game with color mixing puzzles

Pigsels Media sent us word about their freshly released indie adventure puzzle game, Coloropus. Now we know that some of you will simply pass it by, but damn does it look cute. And as we’ve said, we highly support indie devs so check this out guys. Coloropus is an underwater themed adventure/puzzle game about a little color-addicted octopus.
Coloropus’ gameplay is based on solving color mixing and physics puzzles. Players can explore large ocean world, fight with foes, collect upgrades and interact with NPCs and environment. In addition, all interactions between the game character and NPCs come as little animated comics in speech bubbles telling main storyline and providing a player with hints. Nice touch there.
The game features seamless game immersion as the main menu, progress, credits and literaly everything is part of the game itself. Coloropus also comes with dozens of beautiful hand-drawn locations scattered around the sea from peaceful and calm places down to deep, dark and creepy labyrinths going hand by hand with a number of corresponding ambient soundtracks.
There is also a karma system in game, meaning that if Coloropus dies he goes either to Heaven or Hell depending on playing style. Player can then return to the place he ended up dying after successful escape and resurrection.
The game is available via GameFly, GamersGate, and Amazon and is priced at only $9.99 USD.
Here is also its official trailer. Enjoy!
Coloropus official trailer