PC gamers, meet a new isometric action RPG called ‘Mech Lore’

PC gamers, meet Mech Lore. Mech Lore is an isometric action RPG in the vein of point and click dungeon crawlers. It combines fast paced action with an immersive non-linear world. Gain skills by defeating bosses and learning the techniques they used against you, upgrade your mechs parts to become more powerful and collect loot by exploring the world and defeating enemies.
Mech Lore is being created by Jesse Norman, the sole developer. It has been under construction for about 3 years now. It was started and continues to progress on a ~0 dollar budget and zero resources. Assuming ideal conditions, it has the potential to be released sometime next year. There is a rare chance that it will be released this year if by some miracle the creator becomes instantly rich or superhuman.
You can find more details – as well as a donation button – at the game’s official site.