PC gamers, meet A.D.O.N. Project; a mashup of Sonic, Shinobi, Megaman and Abuse

A.D.O.N. Project is a retro inspired platformer that has been in development for quite some time by Alessandro Salvati. I’m pretty sure that you have never heard about it, so here is the deal; A.D.O.N. Project is gorgeous looking 2D platformer with pre-rendered backgrounds that mixes perfectly Sonic, Shinobi, Megaman and Abuse. The game looks awesome and Alessandro has released a new video for it, that can be viewed bellow.
Players control Adon, a ninja inspired robot, and cut your way trough dimensions and worlds with a flaming katana, shurikens, and a configurable multipurpose shoulder cannon.
The game is currently slated for a Q1 2012 release, although we doubt that we’ll see it anytime soon. Keep in mind that this little gem is created by a single guy, so we can safely asume that it will be pushed back. And to be honest, we don’t mind for a slight delay.
A.D.O.N. Project will be ported to iPhone/iPad, Mac, Android and HTML5!
A.D.O.N. Project (Alpha) - Gameplay Demo 04 (Fantasy Zone 1) - Indie Game - 2012