Path of Exile’s update 2.6.0 sets new online record, increases online playerbase by 40%

Grinding Gear Games announced today that its recently released Path of Exile content update (2.6.0) is the franchise’s largest and most successful to date with a 40-percent increase in the number of players online for the launch.

According to the press release, Path of Exile’s update 2.6.0 and the accompanying Legacy Challenge League achieved a peak online player count of 112,800 on Friday, March 3rd. The popular ARPG also managed 65,000 players on Steam, which made it the third most active game on the platform during the time frame – only trailing perennial favorites Dota 2 and CS:GO.

Path of Exile continues to see an increase in players and popularity, with consistent three-month update releases attracting more and more followers to the franchise. The September 2016 Atlas of Worlds launch garnered a 19-percent peak-user increase over the June 2016 Prophecy launch, while December’s Breach launch was up 34-percent over September. Last week’s Legacy launch was a 40-percent increase over the December launch numbers. Overall, Path of Exile has more than doubled its player base in the last nine months.

Path of Exile’s impressive growth looks to continue with the forthcoming summer 2017 “The Fall of Oriath” release which will introduce six new acts of gameplay content.