Oxenfree – Supernatural Teen Thriller – Is Coming To The PC This January

Night School Studio announced today that Oxenfree is coming to Windows 10 in January 2016. Oxenfree is described as a coming of age story where the player determines how their character comes of age, during a night of psychological torment dealt by a mysterious force from beyond.

Taking on the role of Alex, players must survive an overnight Pacific Northwest island party gone horribly wrong.

Sean Krankel, cofounder of Night School Studio, said:

“Our team builds games that let players interact with stories in ways. In Oxenfree’s case, that is a story filled with wonder and danger. Microsoft’s commitment to curating and nurturing the most exciting new game worlds and then delivering them to millions of players make them the perfect partner to help bring Oxenfree to life.”

Here are the game’s key features:

  • An intelligent conversation system that changes the story and your relationships based on every decision
  • A unique radio mechanic that allows Alex to communicate with mysterious spectres and manipulate her world
  • Art from Disney alum and an original soundtrack by scntfc (Sword & Sworcery, Galak-Z)Multiple mysteries to unravel, spanning decades and lifetimes
  • Inspired by little-known events of World War II, such as the actual Japanese submarine bombing of an Oregon baseball field
  • Featuring voice talent from The Wolf Among Us, The Walking Dead, Borderlands and more