Overgrowth Keeps Getting Better & Better – Alpha 200 Changes

Overgrowth v2
It’s been a while since our last look on Overgrowth, don’t you think? Wolfire Games has released a new video, showcasing the changes that have been made to the game’s latest alpha build. This new version of Overgrowth features – among other things – two new rabbit models, a new sword throw animation, improved passive blocking during sword fights and updated run and walk animations. Those interested can pre-order the game and gain access to its beta builds straight away. You can view below the changelog for this new version, as well as a trailer for it. Enjoy!
Overgrowth Alpha 200 Changelog:
– 2 new rabbit models with 3 textures each
– characters can have unique base morphs
– arena progress is saved between games
– improved passive blocking during sword fights
– alternate close-range stances for swordfighting
– added additional slash attack animation for small swords
– small sword stance always has dominant hand forwards
– new sword throw animation
– updated run and walk animations
– customizable blood amount and color
– fixed bug with sheathing knives while injured
– fixed gladiator campaign button to use new arena
– GPU skinning disabled by default
– choking does not cause bleeding
– added a grace period after round ends before being disqualified for further attacks
– swapping characters with number keys randomizes color palette
– fixed problem with throws cancelling impact effects
– alternate close-range stances for swordfighting- can parry thrown items if hands are full
– starting to test out 4-player shared-screen mode
– capped 1v1 camera rotation speed
– ported to SDL2 (should improve Linux/Mac fullscreen and resizing)
– improved field of view for really wide or tall screens
– improved skinning weights for all characters
– updated angelscript to 2.26.3
– fixed problem with angelscript Object.GetRotation function on Linux
– re-enabled Linux character LOD
– tintable civilian texture
Overgrowth Alpha 200 changes - Wolfire Games