Overgrowth Alpha 151 Changes

Wolfire Games revealed today the changes that were made to Overgrowth’s latest alpha version. This week David focused on optimizations and bug fixes, which would be hard to demonstrate in a video. Among other things, Overgrowth now features faster active ragdoll animation and players can dodge using controllers this time around.
Here is the complete changelog for Alpha 151. Those interested in this promising indie action/adventure game can pre-order it from here and gain access to the alpha versions.
Overgrowth Alpha 151 Changelog:
– Faster active ragdoll animation
– Ragdolls go to sleep faster to stop using resources
– Faster terrain material checks
– Character skinning optimizations
– Can dodge using controllers
– Fix for crash when no joysticks are connected
– Fix for missing xinput dll
– Fixed physics debug world lighting
– Fixed procedural stance initialization bug
– Fix for enemies grabbing weapons while unconscious
– Fixed problem with mouse grab when auto camera is enabled
– More informative loading text