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Outcast 1.1 – New Update Adds Borderless Fullscreen, Improves Performance & Stability

Fresh3D has released a new update for Outcast 1.1 that improves overall performance and stability, adds support for borderless fullscreen, refactors ingame options menu and implements full support of Steam’s Overlay. As always, this update will be auto-downloaded the next time you launch Steam’s client, and you can view its complete changelog below.

Outcast 1.1 Update Changelog:

  • New: Full support of Steam Overlay !!
  • New: Add option to enable or not the usage of SteamAPI (default is enabled)
  • New: Borderless fullscreen support (cefault, user can still force native fullscreen)
  • Fixed: Improve launcher compatibility issue under Windows 8.1
  • Fixed: Improve fullscreen toggle, vsync and slowdown issues related to Directdraw buffer access
  • Fixed: Sound settings no more reseted when changing map and persistent between games
  • Fixed: Refactored ingame options menu
  • Fixed: Potential crashes when leaving a map (ie end game cinematic)
  • Fixed: Save game can now be done without keyboard
  • Fixed: Various bug fixes and stability improvements